My New Blog – where, why and what?


Where better to start than with a view of the restored Victorian Clevedon Pier, a key local landmark!

This year I relocated from Hertford with Alec, and we began a new life in Clevedon, North Somerset. What better time to start a blog, to share photos and thoughts with my friends old and new?

Where?  What, you haven’t heard of Clevedon?  Neither had we until Margaret and Cameron said we should give it a look.  A mid-sized town, just south of Bristol down the M5, with a lovely rugged coastline with a beautiful backdrop of South Wales.  Gorgeous!

Here is a view of the town from Poet’s walk.


We came for a look in May and bought the show-house in a small development five minutes walk in one direction to the coast and five minutes the other way to the town centre.

By the end of June, we were in.

Why?  Just the dawning realisation that we wouldn’t be able to live in or near Hertford in the comfort to which we aspire.

So here we are, settled in.  I am still working for Hertfordshire County Council, through Manpower, as I can do customer journeys of the website and help with comms as a remote worker.  It’s so nice to have some work I enjoy rather than having to sign on. I am applying for other suitable jobs as they come up, and although I haven’t quite decided to commute to Bristol for work, nothing is ruled out.

What? This weekend we’ve been online a lot, learning more about using ebay to sell.  We have also been using Gumtree to sell some of the beautiful but, for us, not so practical furniture included in the purchase of the house.  So far a cheval mirror and driftwood and glass coffee table have been sold, and tomorrow someone is calling in to pick up our stylish console table. Very nice too.

The weather has been beautiful, so we have been out and about.  Well you have to, don’t you, before the clocks go back.

And tonight we’ll see a film at the Curzon cinema.

This is a gem; the oldest continual operating cinema in the world. We’ve been a couple of times and it is gorgeous. No noisy popcorn, but you can buy a glass of wine or a tub of ice-cream, and last week a gentleman was playing the old cinema organ before the film. Marvellous! And just three minutes walk from our house.

Future posts will include the glories of Hill Road, and the filming of Broadchurch with David Tennant.  I may even post a picture of the windswept tree …

4 comments on “My New Blog – where, why and what?

  1. Marg Dunn-Parrant says:

    Looks fab Margaret. Seems like you have made a great choice of (re) locations and are really making the most of your new start.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, ladies. Second edition is on it’s way.

  3. Jo says:

    I love the idea of drinking wine at the cinema and the man playing the organ before the film. Sounds better than cineworld and i bet its half the price

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