What a spectacular sky we saw yesterday:  great dramatic clouds rolling up the Bristol Channel.  Here are some photos to give you a flavour.



All three of the above were taken yesterday, within minutes of each other as we strolled along towards the pier – they just change before your eyes!

Of course we had some torrential rain to go with the clouds, but fortunately were tucked up in the Little Harp with a pint at that stage!  The pubs are nicely spaced along the coast, so you are never far from a haven if the skies open. I’ve also invested in a North Face coat, which I think will get plenty of wear through to the spring.

Living here I can understand how legends arose of magical lands that are sometimes there and sometimes not there.  There are days when Wales has vanished (sorry, Wales!) in a bank of grey mist, others when it looks like a distant shadowy land, and others when you can almost see the individual houses.  You could step across.

Firework night tonight, and there is a big display at the cricket club, which is on top of Dial Hill.  There should be good views from across town, so a chilly evening walk may be in order.

This week we have applied to join the Friends of the Curzon Community Cinema.  You get to have an insight into the decisions being made about the cinema, and we both love the fact that it is there, so the £125 for us to give some extra support for a year seems like a reasonable sum.  And, amazingly, I am joining the gym!  We have one just down Strode Road, and I need to have a little more exercise in my life.  Running up three fights of stairs, and hanging up the washing isn’t quite enough.

More soon about Clevedon, charity shops, soup and knitting, but not necessarily in that order!


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