Seven swans a swimming


About a month ago a lone swan – this one, I think – landed on the marine lakes at Clevedon.  It has cruised around, accepting bread from locals and snacking on seaweed in between, and we have been wondering whether he would stay or move on.  On the one hand, an expanse of fairly sheltered water, and lots of food.  On the other hand, no other swans.  Then about a week ago a second adult swan turned up , and this afternoon we saw a third, a juvenile this time with mottled brown/white plumage.

There is plenty of time for a few more to join the flock before Christmas.  Hopefully we will have a picture of seven swimming together soon!

It’s been very cold here today, and the water in the lake looked on the point of freezing, almost gelid in appearance.  Another beautiful sunset too.


That’s it!  Short and sweet today.  Except, quick as ever, I have just realised that tomorrow has one of those significant looking dates – 12/12/12.  It must mean something!

One comment on “Seven swans a swimming

  1. Swan update – still just 3 a swimming.

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