Numb knees, bad backs and chiropractors

Well that wasn’t how 2013 was supposed to start.  Especially having stated my intention to pick up the fitness regime!

Just after Christmas I developed the most excruciating pain in my right leg and hip.  I had experienced a few preliminary twinges, and had followed my usual remedy of taking a gentle, loosening walk.  This time the result was not good, and during the following evening my right leg became quite numb from the knee down:  the sort of sensation you get when you’ve had an injection at the dentist and the anaesthesia is wearing off.  The pains in my leg, hip and lower back meant I had a bad night, in spite of painkillers, and the next day was worse.

I had no strength in my leg, which gave way when I was coming down stairs.  Scary. My shin felt almost broken – aching and burning down it’s full length- and I had trouble standing up and sitting down.  I spent the day hobbling around, trying to keep some flexibility but as the day wore on and I got more tired, the situation deteriorated further.

This having happened over a weekend, there wasn’t much we could do other than check out the internet for advice, so after a properly sleepless and desperate night I called a local chiropractor first thing on Monday morning.  Fortunately they could see me that morning for a consultation, and we made our painful way to the practice.

I found that I had a couple of different issues with a sprained pelvis and problems with one of my vertebrae – I’ll spare you the details – and that I am also slightly flat-footed which was contributing to spinal problems.  I then had a short treatment session with manipulation of the appropriate areas of my spine, some acupuncture and massage … and as if by magic the pain was gone! Just like that. The improvement really was immediate and significant, and although I could not yet walk easily, that visit was the best thing I could have done.

Some daily exercises were given to me, and I was  advised to use an ice-pack at frequent intervals during the day.

I’ve had four treatments now, over a period of three weeks and am 97.5% better.  Absolutely no pain, I can sleep normally and can even walk up and down stairs almost normally (although I have to concentrate of what I am doing, and feel rather like a proud toddler on getting to the end!)  I’m doing the exercises every morning, using innersoles for my shoes and I have adjusted the computer where I usually work to make sure the screen is the right height and the chair gives the best support possible.

Here I am blogging again, to prove that I am back.

Going to a chiropractor isn’t cheap, but then again what value would you put on not being able to work and live normally?  For me the treatment was very cost effective, especially as the need for innersoles was flagged up, and this may avoid many problems and much pain in the future.

And now I can restart 2013, and catch up with everyone else!

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