The joys of knitting!

Knitting is a skill that I have wanted to get to grips with for years.  I learned how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off as a child, and  with many a dropped stitch I could  slowly produce a sort of scarf shaped thing.

But I have always had tremendous admiration for those people who could turn out not just wearable but beautiful knitwear, and I am fascinated by the technology involved.  It is as amazing to me that someone can take a pair of needles and a ball of wall and create a hat, as it is that you can flick a switch and get light.

A few years ago my daughter gave me a lovely pattern book, and I was inspired to start knitting a simple sweater.  Everything was going well, but I got to a point where I couldn’t immediately see how  to make the pattern work, and so the quarter finished jumper went into a bag.  I always intended to finish it, and so it came with us in the move to Clevedon.

And here I found the beautiful Spinning Weal shop up on Hill Road here in Clevedon and inspiration.  It’s such a great place.  A warm, friendly atmosphere where they run classes and workshops in a whole range of fabric based skills, including weaving.  They have a great range of yarns (and fabrics too, but it’s the knitting I am in to) and all the tools you could need.  I bought a ball of an expandable tape type of yarn and knitted a simple ruffle scarf. It was easy!!  Time to get the sweater out!  It’s a bit rustic looking – well, it was my first major piece of knitting ever, but I love it.

gloves socks

Next I bought a book of great, simple designs by Erika Knight.  Time to learn some techniques, so off I went.  You Tube is there for anything you don’t quite understand from the written instructions and diagrams. A couple of scarves, two pairs of fingerless gloves, a  pair of rustic socks and a rag bag have been added to my list of successes.   Next project:  some socks knitted on four needles, and learning to do cable stitch. And then it’s crochet.  Erika Knight has a great book of patterns for that too ….



5 comments on “The joys of knitting!

  1. Sue Westgate says:

    Brilliant! So lovely to experience your enthusiasm. Keep going. Once you’ve mastered cable look out for blackberry stitch. That’s a great one. ;-D

    • I’ll let you know how I get on. We don’t like being beaten, do we, but I’m not someone who can read a pattern and visualise what is meant. Maybe that comes with time? Here’s hoping!

  2. Angela Cato says:

    Another cracking read Maggie – well done. I have just revisited knitting while recovering from an operation and as I couldn’t think of any garments that were needed someone suggested I knit a cushion cover which has cable pattern on. It is now about 15 inches long and needs to be 32 inches so well on the way. It is an easy and repetitive pattern of about 8 rows. If you would like the pattern I can email it over to you. Keep up the good work. xx

    • Thanks Angela. I hope you are well again. Knitting is great for keeping you from doing anything the doctors don’t want you to! Thanks for the offer of a pattern, but I have one that sounds similar. I just need to dive in there! However, I’ll let you know if I change my mind. Look out for the Erika Knight books – lots of nice little projects to try.

  3. Rosie says:

    Thanks for the recommendation for Spinning Weal, Margaret – I shall investigate that when we come down to measure up in preparation for our move to Clevedon at the end of next month! I’ve just finished a sweet little bolero for my granddaughter, just the making up to do 🙂

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