The Hogs Back Brewery

What a great brewery and, for those lucky enough to book onto a tour, what a great day out.

We visited family the other weekend in Surrey, and they surprised us with a tour of the Hogs Back brewery in Tongham. Named after the nearby Hogs Back, a long ridge in the North Downs, the brewery was established in 1992, and from what we saw (and tasted) will be brewing for many years to come.

They were generous in the time they gave for the tour – an hour an a half for quite a small establishment – and were happy to take questions, well informed or not.  They were also generous with the samples, from their Traditional English Ale (TEA) to their Hogs Back Bitter.  What is always good about brewery tours is that the beer is served at the perfect temperature, and for Hogs Back bitter that’s about 12 C.  The tour included tips on pouring bottle conditioned ale – pour recklessly from a height to develop the head.  Sliding down the side of the glass leaves the drink a little flat.  Doesn’t affect the taste, but it looks nice with a head.

All the beers were delicious and extremely easy to drink. I’d like to tell you about the hoppiness, and the character of each beer, but really I’d only show myself to be a complete amateur.  You will just have to look out for the beers yourself, and learn the truth!

Thanks, Hogs Back Brewery, for a tremendously enjoyable afternoon. You have a loyal new customer!

Back at home, I’ve been painting.  I know – creativity has struck in North Somerset and I can’t help myself. I suppose you’d call my art naive, but I do seem to have a good eye for colour and shape.  I wouldn’t call myself an artist just yet, but my pictures are selling.  Here’s one I finished this weekend.  It’s been beautifully framed by my other half, and is now for sale  in our ebay shop.  Have a look!


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