The Clevedon Bandstand

Back in the late autumn 2012 the 126 year old Grade Two listed bandstand on the sea front in Clevedon succumbed to the cold and wet, and one of the painted panels collapsed.


Now this may not compare to an ancient pyramid being destroyed by developers in Lima, but it was a pretty big pity to us in Clevedon.  I mean, we have the beautiful Pier of the Year as our jewel in the crown, but the bandstand is right up there in second place along with the Curzon cinema, the windswept tree and the clock tower at the Triangle.  In these cash strapped times, what would happen?

The bandstand was screened off as a dangerous structure while it’s future was decided.

As Elvis Costello wrote about the Hoover Factory in West London “It’s not a matter of life and death, but what is, what is?  It doesn’t matter if I take another breath. Who cares?  Who cares?”  (Great song, Elvis!)

Fortunately the local authorities do care and have pulled together the £19,000 for renovation and in recent weeks signs of the necessary repairs have been seen.  The wooden structure was repaired, and the first layers of lime plaster applied.  Today we saw that the final layer of plaster is finished, and has been engraved with the design.


I understand that you have to leave lime plaster for quite a long time to dry, and so I’m not sure how long it will be before the new panel (and presumably the rest of the structure) can be painted, but it’s great to see new life being breathed back into an old structure.

Hurrah! Well done all concerned – the craftspeople, and the people who sorted out the money and made it happen.


4 comments on “The Clevedon Bandstand

  1. Sue Westgate says:

    Should be dry in no time with the heatwave that’s coming!


  2. The scaffolding is up and work is being done. I’ll post a photo when is is restored to its former glory.

  3. Still only almost finished ….

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