Regaining health

There’s an aspect of health and happiness that I have been strongly reminded of, and that is the central place of food and appetite.  Cue picture of home-made soup!



From child-hood – well, from birth actually – the sign of good health and thriving is a good appetite and eating well.  We all too often have cause to focus on the evils of being unable to control your appetite and the dangers of over-eating, but when someone is ill and loses their desire for food tremendous emotional pressure is felt by the patient and by those looking after them.  Everyone feels that if only they can come up with the right tempting offering, the ill-one will be able to eat and enjoy a meal and everything will be all right.

My dad is very poorly at the moment – I won’t go into details at the moment – hence this subject for the blog.  I went shopping for some bits and pieces for mum and dad at the weekend, and while I was out browsed for tempting, healthy food that could appeal to him.  Easy enough to find things like full fat fruity yogurts, but he fancies warm food at the moment.  It must be easy to digest, so we fell back on soups.  We were given a great recipe for a delicious chicken soup which I’d like myself.  All you do is poach a chicken breast in stock, and add some vermicelli (or fine egg noodles, as there wasn’t any vermicelli handy when I shopped) which you have browned (in this case by lightly frying in butter).  When it’s all soft, add some fresh lemon juice and seasoning, and blitz for a smooth finish, or shred the chicken with a couple of forks.  Nice!  I also added a tin of cream of chicken soup, but really didn’t need to.  Quite calorific, with the frying in butter and all, but great for an invalid. Dad certainly liked it, even though he couldn’t eat much.

After eating, mint tea – just made by infusing dried mint leaves in boiling water – helps with the digestion.

If you have any restorative family recipes, please do share!  And if you are trying to tempt someone back to health – my very best wishes for success.

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