And life goes on ….



… as it always does.

We have spent a lot of time on the motorway recently, heading back and forth between Bristol and Hertfordshire for family reasons, and we have been seeing an English late winter/early spring at its best.  We are lucky to be able to pick our moments to travel, as we don’t work full time, so have been able to enjoy the beautiful rolling hills and woodlands through Wiltshire and Berkshire rather than focusing on the traffic.  Salisbury Plain and the Berkshire downs are absolutely beautiful at any time, but when the sun is low in the sky the quality of light and the texture added by the long shadows is fantastic.  The trees were looking marvellously architectural, as the deciduous tress are just getting ready for the buds to burst and the new leaf to emerge.  There’s that lovely colour to the basically grey/brown bark as the sap rises, so even bare branches have a flush of colour.

Spring flowers everywhere too and, relatively speaking, a lot of butterflies around.  Nothing like the old days, of course, when butterflies were everywhere, but lovely to see none the less.  They have been brought out by the warmth, and here’s hoping we don;t get too much cold weather now.  Everyone is in need of some warmth.

I’m looking forward to exploring Bristol and Somerset more this year.  We have lived in the area for 18 months-ish and having not known the area before have really only scratched the surface with how much there is to see and do.  I have to say that I have found Twitter really useful for finding out what is going on, and that has surprised me.  I thought I would just use it for business, and letting people know about our website, but I have found out about lots of restaurants and paces to go – so good old Twitter!  And good old Bristol. I’ll let you know when I have been somewhere great.  Or perhaps I’ll see you there!

Have a great year – and enjoy the place where you live.

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