Catch it if you can – pop-up theatre in Clevedon

Clevedon from Poet's walk

What a nice morning: we popped into Clevedon, and joined the queue to see the Theatre Orchard production of The Devil and the Shopkeeper in a disused shop on Queen’s Square.

I had heard about the production through Twitter – having been sceptical, I am becoming convinced of the value of following local organisations to find out what’s on – and as I’m always keen to see local live performances I was determined to see one of the shows.  Everything was great, from the cheery, chatty queue waiting to get in, the equally cheery and chatty theatre people handing out flyers, the novelty of the setting, the skill and humour in the writing, music and performing. I won’t give away the plot – just go and see it yourself if you can! The mixed age audience all seemed to love it, and the applause was long and warm and donations were willingly given at the end.

If you are local and catch this blog today (Saturday 22 March) there’s still time for you to catch the 3.00 pm performance, otherwise they are back next Saturday 29 March at 11 am and 1 and 3 pm.  The show lasts less than half an hour, but packs a lot of entertainment into that.  Which leaves time to shop, have a coffee, or stroll along the sea front.

Well done to all involved – including the sponsors – for bringing such accessible and worthwhile theatre into the community.  I’ll defintely be keeping in touch with The Theatre Orchard to make sure I catch future productions in the area, and I’d recommend that you do too.


4 comments on “Catch it if you can – pop-up theatre in Clevedon

  1. The Theatre Orchard says:

    Thanks for the lovely feedback. Please do keep in touch (we have an e-news!) we would love to chat to you about what else we are planning in North Somerset.

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