New today in Clevedon …


… the national flags on the seafront were being replaced today.  You can just see the yellow-jacketed workman in the bottom left hand corner getting near to the end of the job. They looked lovely against the summery sky, although some had already started to wrap themselves around the flagposts.

It was one of those mornings that looked better to the eye than to the camera. Rather hazy – must buy that UV filter I’ve been meaning to get!

2 comments on “New today in Clevedon …

  1. Sue Westgate says:

    Did you get a clean beach flag too?

  2. Aah! Clevedon is not a bathing beach, I’m afraid. We have rocks, Estuary Sand (mud to you and me) and rather strong currents, so people swim in the marine lake. Mind you, if we had golden sands, I wouldn’t be able to afford to live here!

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