My proof-reading and editorial skills are available …


Although I am almost certain you will find at least one error in this blog – a spelling slip or typo, for example – I am actually a very good proof-reader and copy-editor. For years I have composed newsletters, articles and reports from my own material or from the key points provided by colleagues, as well as checking the writing of others for clarity and accuracy.

It is always wise to get someone else to read over your own writing. You know what you meant to say, so when you check something you have written yourself you are likely to find everything very clear and sensible, and to miss errors that you only notice when the piece is published. Getting someone else to read through for you, someone who won’t over-analyse and pick everything to pieces, suggesting massive re-writes, is a very good idea.

My services are now available at a very reasonable cost at Fivesquids, starting at just £5 for proof-reading 1,250 words. Please do get in touch through the site if you need my help. And please ignore the typo I’ve reported in the little ad – my perfectly typed words have been mashed by the site!

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