Neil Finn – What a show!

Just back from  seeing Neil perform at the Colston Hall in Bristol (and an overnight stay at the Novotel in the city centre).

Such a fabulous show. People love Neil as well as loving his music, so there is always a great, friendly atmosphere at his concerts. He is such a generous performer, who loves interacting with the audience, and overall it feels as though you are getting together with your mates for the best party ever. It’s probably all the better if you know his work in Split Enz, Crowded House and other collaborations, so you can join in with the sing-along bits, but the man is so brilliant that it would take a very miserable concert-goer not to have a whale of a time.  Fantastic to end the show with a sing along (that’s where knowing the greatest hits helps), so we can all say “I’ve sung with Neil Finn!”.  Catch the tour if you can. That’s all I can say.

While I’ve lived in the area for a while, I have to admit that this was my first visit to the Colston Hall, and I really enjoyed it. It’s easy to get to, has a good selection of bars, and plenty of space in the stylish atrium. There was a free performance for a local musician in the atrium before the main performance too, so the whole experience felt like great value.  Nice to to meet my brother and sister-in-law who had bought tickets independently from us and ended up in the same row, just a handful of seats apart.

I must just mention the Shakespeare Tavern in Prince Street too. We’ve been there a few times now when we’ve been in town and it’s a lovely pub. Good food, great beer and a good central location. Check it out next time you are in town. Handy for Queen’s Square, the Old City and Harbourside, so it fitted in well during our afternoon stroll around, doing a bit of shopping and a bit of sight-seeing. We always come across buildings we’ve never seen before and examples of fantastic architecture. Just fabulous.

We chose to go by bus, to be as green as we could, but I can see why people use cars. The journey there from Clevedon was quite quick on Saturday on the X6, but coming home this morning we had to use the X8, and it is such a long way round, looping through Nailsea about three times before nipping into Clevedon. A hour plus to go ten miles!  Here’s to the time we have a quick bus seven days a week.

I feel that you deserve a picture, but I don’t have one at hand of Bristol, so here’s a view of Hill Road in Clevedon instead! Oh – and thanks to my lovely daughter, Louise, who gave me the tickets for my birthday.

Hill Road

3 comments on “Neil Finn – What a show!

  1. Sue Westgate says:

    I am very envious. Of the Neil Finn concert and your varied and very busy life! ;-D

  2. Thanks for sharing – I have seen him on htis tour too – will review at somepoint – more Neil on my blog if you are ever passing! Cheers J

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