It’s a paint chart kind of day

Here’s what the Bristol Channel looked like from Clevedon this morning:


Looks very like something you’d pick up at the local DIY store! Lovely morning walk along the sea-front, with fresh air and the promise of nice weather, although the colour of the sky further south and west gave cause for concern. We couldn’t resist the shadows on the water either:


And the clouds over the pier looked good too.Image

In Clevedon we often seem to be at the division between two weather systems, and this leads to interesting sky and sea effects. No two days are ever quite the same, and that really keeps the photographers happy.

A couple of speedy boats were in the area, throwing some shapes, so we toasted ourselves in the sun and watched the show for a while. What a pleasurable way to spend some time!


2 comments on “It’s a paint chart kind of day

  1. Sue Westgate says:

    A large piece of plywood and some Dulux – you could produce a good piece of art from that first picture and the ‘man in a boat’ shadow picture would look good printed onto canvas effect. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and have the time to enjoy it!


    • Thanks Sue – you’re right. There is so much inspiration in the air here! And it’s just been in the local news that the second series of Broadchurch is being commissioned – hopefully we’ll see them filming here again! xx

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