On the rocks

Lovely weekend, lovely friends down from Hertford: in fact the very friends who used to live in Clevedon and recommended it to us when we were looking for a place to move to: Margaret and Cameron. Then, as we often do, we went for a walk on the sea front. This was a very photogenic day, and Clevedon had its Mediterranean disguise on, as it often does.

There was a story to watch and snap as the stiff breeze pushed one of the small sailing boats too close to the the rocks, and quite a few people gathered to watch the rescue boat throw a line and pull him further out. His sail had got beneath the water, so the weight of righting the boat was bend him with out some extra help. 

He was fine! He scooted the boat around a bit and then headed to the shore. He must have been pretty tired – not easy work to get that boat upright.

The clouds were fabulous today, with a big bank of bright heavy clouds against a bright blue sky  to the North, as well as against a high cloud bank towards the East. I couldn’t get a good angle for photographs, but the texture and colours were fantastic: brilliant white, navy blue, grey and silver looking very three-dimensional.

Bank home now for some lunch and an afternoon of sport: notably Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it!

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