The What Cup?

Now, I have never claimed to be a football fan (soccer fan, to some of my readers) but I didn’t realise just how out of touch I was until I discovered just on Thursday that the World Cup is starting in less than two weeks.

Well, that’s not strictly true, as in some part of my brain I was generally aware that it would be happening this year, this summer even, but the details had passed me by. So I watched the England – Peru friendly on … one day last week … with some interest. Nice to win, but especially nice to see a young team with hardly any big names. After the last big tournament, I voiced the opinion that we would stand a better chance of winning if we sent out youngsters who genuinely wanted to play rather than older, overpaid players who have an inflated idea of their own worth and a complacent attitude to the sport. Their attitude seemed to say – “I am one of the highest paid  players in the world, so I deserve to win. In fact, it’s an affront to my status if I don’t win.”

It’s about skill, of course, but it’s also about attitude, team spirit and endeavour, and that’s why the women’s game is so entertaining to watch.

I am thrilled to read that no-one expects us to get through to the final eight or whatever it is, let alone win so I hope that the press don’t lash the players if/when we lose. Because that’s the other side of this – the willingness with which pundits look for a scapegoat to blame for failure. All the national teams are well coached, skilful and fit, and the result of each game is a combination of many factors, not least luck.

I would far rather go out in a blaze of glory after an exciting and entertaining match than scrape through to a nervy penalty shoot-out, but that’s just me. And what do I know anyway?


Something not to miss … One Man and His Cow

Just a quick post to say I’m delighted to see that there are lots of dates for the new Theatre Orchard show One Man and His Cow in and around North Somerset and Bristol and, indeed, East Anglia and Yorkshire too. I’m a new fan, but having seen the fantastic The Devil and The Shopkeeper in March, I am hooked. You can see my blog in the archive. All I can say is, check the availability and see them if you can. But please make sure you save a seat for me!