The grit in the oyster …


Beautiful evening yesterday, and a beautiful day today. As my good friend Sue has commented, I am very lucky to have the life I have. The world is my oyster, as I am living in a very lovely part of the world, with time to do the things I enjoy: writing, taking photographs, painting,  finding out about online selling, blogging, and writing ebooks. Yes, I am half way through a book, and will tell you more shortly. When we relocated from Hertfordshire, we were anything but certain that things would work out well …

I think the biggest piece of luck is to have a partner with whom I am very in tune. It is so much easier to do new things and take a risk when you have someone who is thinking along the same lines as you and who is willing to take the risks with you.

There is a little bit of grit in my oyster of course, as few people have a life that is silky smooth and through which they glide without any ripples. Nicely mixed metaphors there! My point is that it’s the grit that makes pearls, and it’s the fact we need to find ways to make money in a way that we enjoy and can share that is adding a potential pearl to our lives. Necessity is the mother of invention, and we are learning so much as we try different creative lines to see where our best chance of success lies. Not that we want major financial success. Far from it, as we are hoping just to make enough so that I can continue to work from home and spend time with Alec rather than being committed to a full time job. We want to be pursuing projects that we enjoy, rather than things that are money making schemes.

The pearl, if – when -we achieve it, will be a life that has variety, keeps us thinking and happy, and gives us enough income to be able to make choices, and to visit family and friends when we want to. I am more than happy to work until I am 80+ so long as I can work at something I enjoy!

Hang on –  Margaret means pearl … spooky!

Relax and kick back by all means, but please keep being creative …



Rain on the lens.  How amateurish!  But I quite like the effect.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago on the sea-front at dusk.  The sun was just dropping into the sea and it was worth a ‘point and snap’.  I have to admit I didn’t realise I had water-marks on the lens, hence the dimpled effect.

At the moment I am playing with digital effects on photographs.  They usually look good straight from the camera, but like a child with a paint box I am having great fun tweaking colours and shapes using Picassa, and I am really enjoying some of the effects I am achieving.  It’s engrossing looking at the images, planning and experimenting.

The marketing of my output is a challenge too – in a good way – stretching the brain and the imagination.  We don’t want to make a fortune – just to cover our costs and hopefully have a little extra on the top.

Our shop on ebay is getting good interest and we had lots of sales before Christmas.  January has been quiet, but that is only to be expected.  The up-side of that was that over the last month there was more time for experimenting.  Our latest experiment has been opening a new shop on RedBubble. If you don’t know the site I think you’ll find it well worth a look.  Artists download their images to the site and choose the products the’d like it to appear on.  They produce prints, framed and on canvas, of course, but also t-shirts, hoodies, tablet cases, smart phone cases …  RedBubble do the printing, handle the admin and mailing, and the artists get a cut.  I have got carried away and put a number of designs up on MagsArt. Follow me if you like what your see – although I am happy in my work a little affirmation is always good! You might like to set up your own shop too, and share your creativity.

We’re still working (slowly) at own own website, and I’ll post news when that is ready.

And I have cleaned the lens now, so the next photos were sharper.  I like this one!