Carry a camera!

You never know when you’ll see something memorable, and when you do it’s good to record it.

This week we’ve had contrasting weather.  On Tuesday (or it might have been Monday) the morning was bright and clear, so I was intrigued to see a bank of cloud lying on the water just visible over the marine lakes.



So I carried on around the costal path, to see this:



A solid looking bank of what I now knew must be mist lying across the Bristol Channel. I could see it was just rolling forward towards over the water.  A little further on …



… I drew level with the mist and could see how thin the bank of mist was.  It was actually more like a long sheet,  billowing out like a sail.  Traces of mist drifted on after the main bulk, and further down the estuary I could see a similar bank rolling in, closer to the Welsh side.  I’m beginning to understand why they call this Poet’s Walk!

It’s something I’ve not seen before.  Glad I had the camera with me!

Yesterday the weather was completely different with a strong wind whipping up what passes for surf locally.  Being a muddy estuary, the foam was a marvellous crispy brown – no white horses here!


Our Plan B and the opening of our shop.

Since moving to Clevedon we have, to be honest, been looking for ways to make money using eBay.

We have been working away behind the scenes, experimenting with different products and now – ta-da!! – we are unveiling our eBay shop Seaford Decor Prints.  We are selling (have you guessed?) pictures and prints.

Idea No 1 is that we scour second hand book shops and charity shops for old books that are on their last legs but which have prints and coloured plates that we can salvage.  We then add value by mounting them and in some cases framing them too, and then selling them on.  So far we have Australian fish, prints of historic Essex and North of England scenes, and coloured plates of Devon.  We are adding pictures of Dartmoor, fairy tale characters, scenes from Shakespeare, Arthurian legends …  so watch this space.  Here’s a little preview …


(a banded sea perch)

Idea No. 2.  Personalised wedding gifts. We have picked up a move away from wedding present lists towards more personal gifts, and came up with the idea of taking a poem or a reading from an old book, and framing it with the names of the happy couple and the date of their wedding.  (or civil partnership, of course).

Here’s a sample:


We also have two versions with standard verses, as of course we can’t guarantee which vintage books we will have available at any one time.

Idea No 3 is to frame up first day covers into themes, so we have a sports version, one featuring British theatre, one on Gallantry and military and one on animals.  Again, more to follow as we make up the frames.

Plans B part 2 and  C are in development, so watch this space!

We are enjoying being creative, and we are genuinely delighted with the results so far, so please do have a look at the shop – and let us know what you think.

P.S.  Very excited!  Broadchurch, with David Tennant, is on ITV tomorrow evening.  Wonder if we’ll see our house in the background?