Keep young and beautiful, by all means. But please – keep strong!


Some of you will recognise these fine strong legs!

And that’s what keeping fit and watching your weight is all about.  Strong legs.

When I practised tai chi, my instructor said that it was impossible to do on “chicken’s legs”: you need sturdy legs to work on.  He also repeated the old (Chinese, I expect) saying that you are as old as your legs, and this is really worth thinking about.  Even standing and walking rather than sitting helps to build up bone density and keep those legs strong and mobile. The weaker your legs are, the older you become before your time.  You begin to settle into a comfortable chair and leave the running around to younger, fitter folk.

Keeping fit is not really about having a six pack, or dropping two dress-sizes, although many people do look better when they are fitter. It is all about being able to pursue your interests and getting out and about to make the most of the word.

The more you are on your feet and moving about, the better.  And of course while you are busy, you are less likely to be eating things you don’t need!  All right – I know it’s not always that easy, and those with knee, hip, back and other health issues can’t always exercise as much as they would like to.  But if you don’t have any excses and the new year’s resolutions are becoming a thing of the past, just remember that sticking to a ‘keeping fitter’ regime is in your best interests.  Whether it’s cycling to work, competitive sports, swimming, the gym, pilates, yoga, tai chi … , find something you like doing and do it!

Clevedon Aquathlon

And then today they swam and ran in the Aquathlon, starting down at the marine lakes.  About 30 intrepid souls took part (I didn’t count and have trouble estimating more than 10).  The event is pretty testing, and the weather was not helpful with a cold wind.  Anyway – a swim of either 400 or 800 m followed by a run of either one or two return trips to the pier depending on the version you entered for.  I would say that some entrants would count as athletes, others as fit amateurs, but I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I take my hat off to them all.  Here’s a photo or two. Apologies for the shaky photos, but it was too cold to hold the camera steady!



and one with the pier in the background.  The girl isn’t balancing on the ball, although I’m sure she would have been able to.


As you can see the crowd was gripped by the drama, to a man.


Anyway, the event deserved more attention, but I reckon all the BBC cameras must all be in Glastonbury!

By the way, my sister in law Chrissie took the following picture in Clevedon and then digitalised it in clever ways.  We liked it so much that we’ve framed it (and some others of hers) and put in in our shop.


Our shop is here. Well it will be if I can get the link to work.  Otherwise please cut and paste